Alarm System

Alarm System

The anti-intrusion system is designed to automatically detect the theft or illegal intrusion to ensure the safety of people and property. A system consisting of many devices designed and selected to suit specific protection requirements. In principle, an anti-theft set consists of 3 main parts: sensors, central processing unit and warning devices.

+ The main sensors are sensors that collect signals and then send them to the central processing unit (There are many types of sensors such as: smoke sensor, magnetic sensor, temperature sensor, infrared sensor, photoelectric sensor, mechanical sensor, pressure sensor, sound sensor, electrical sensor etc.)

+ The central processor  is the part that receives the information from the sensor and then processes it, depending on the programmer it can give different responses when receiving the signal. Most of the Central Controller’s response is sent to alarm devices to notify the user of the situation.

+ Warning devices are speakers, siren, telephones, notification lights, etc.

Currently, modern anti-theft devices integrate a lot of extra features such as backup power, control password, remotely turn on and off via phone, turn on and off the electrical system and connect to other smart systems. etc…


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