Install camera for factory

Install camera for factory


The installation of cameras in homes and factories is a crucial matter that enables people to keep an eye on both personnel and merchandise. Let’s learn how to choose the proper camera line and install it properly using Vu Tien in the post below.

A. Advantages of putting cameras in factories

  • Monitoring factory staff, machinery, goods: Increase employee awareness. Support for managers to observe employees as well as for leaders to direct the operation of machines remotely.
  • Save time and costs: Through the monitoring system, solve problems faster. Save an amount of cost for human resource management of employees and goods.
  • Observation anytime, anywhere : Choosing beautiful locations will save installation costs as well as being able to observe the whole factory via phone or computer.
  • Security for the factory: Make crooks be wary of having a surveillance camera system, reducing the loss of company assets.
Install camera for factory
Install camera for factory

B. Choosing the camera to install for the factory

Everyone is aware that there are currently two varieties of cameras that are frequently used: wired and wired wifi. Each sort of camera will have a distinct set of benefits depending on where it is located, the terrain, and the scale.

Wireless Wifi Camera : works separately, connects via Wifi, suitable for small projects. Fully meet the monitoring needs. But this camera line is not the optimal solution for large-scale factories.

Wired surveillance camera: Great advantage in terms of connection, extremely stable signal transmission, sharp image quality. Suitable for large projects such as factories, workshops, factories, companies with large area.

For projects such as factories and workshops, Vu Tien always prefers to choose wired cameras to bring stability and quality, and because wired cameras can store well, it will help managers better access to data when something goes wrong.

C. What aspects of the design and installation of factory cameras should be taken into consideration?

You can learn a few things from Vu Tien about installing factory cameras.

1. Where is an effective camera placement?

Security Gate: This is an indispensable position because this is the place to monitor all direct entry and exit of the factory.

Parking area, parking lot:  This is also an important area, it is necessary to install cameras to be able to effectively monitor and avoid theft.

Office block: The installation of cameras in this area helps to monitor the company’s employees such as accountants, purchasing, design staff, cashiers,…

Production area or factory conveyors :  This area needs a thicker camera density, alternating cameras to ensure coverage of your entire factory or warehouse. It is recommended to install a Speed ​​Dome camera (which is a super-zoom camera) to be able to observe the details of hundreds of meters clearly.

Install cameras around the factory or warehouse.

What aspects of the design and installation of factory cameras should be taken into consideration?
What aspects of the design and installation of factory cameras should be taken into consideration?

2. Camera resolution

Camera resolution (definition) is also one of the issues to consider when choosing a camera line to install for the factory. The higher the resolution of the camera, the sharper the image. The current camera lines have quite high resolutions, from 1MP (Megapixel), 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 8MP. We recommend using cameras with a resolution of 2.0 Megapixel or higher to produce quality images.

3. Choose the appropriate camera type

Choosing the right and quality camera line will help the camera system work stably and durable. Based on the construction location, there are 2 types of cameras: indoor camera, outdoor camera. Each type will have different advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor camera :  this type of product is usually a circular hemisphere or a technical term called Camera Dome. It is not dust, smoke, water resistant and has a very short infrared range. Therefore, dome cameras are often chosen to be installed in the office of the factory.

Outdoor camera : this is a rectangular camera. This type of product is designed to be resistant to dust, smoke, water and even has anti-oxidants. Outdoor cameras usually have an infrared range of up to 20 meters – 200 meters much more than the Dome camera lines. Cylindrical camera is suitable to be applied to positions such as: guard gate, outside the factory, installed in the production area.


Choose the appropriate camera type
Choose the appropriate camera type

4. Long Infrared

Choose the infrared camera line to see better at night. The parameters on the camera are approximate. In addition to the actual construction, the long-range factor also depends on the workshop area, length, width, camera placement and also depends on the experience of the designer.

Tầm xa hồng ngoại

Normally, you should choose a camera with an infrared range that is twice the distance you want to see.

5. Camera technology

The technology of the camera is a noticeable issue when you choose the camera to install because it will affect the image quality and the ability to expand the camera later. Currently, there are two prominent technologies that are Analog Camera and IP Camera.

a. Analog surveillance cameras

This is a type of camera that encodes image data into an electrical signal and is a signal that is transmitted by electrical wires. This type of camera is quite limited in its ability to transfer signals to the recording center. Because the good working distance of this technology is only 200m. Because the long distance will weaken the electricity, the electricity will gradually weaken, making the quality of the image degraded quite a lot. So usually only used for small factories.

b. IP surveillance camera

This type of camera works by TCP/IP method. This method works by converting the image into a sequence of 01001010101010 and transmitting the signal through standard CAT5, CAT6 or higher network wires. Each type of IP camera has a certain address eg:,… IP camera is considered the number 1 choice for factories. Because surveillance IP cameras with binary encoding technology will not suffer from loss of image quality and noise (sharp images, flickering, ..).

c. Night camera with color (Fullcolor)

Camera FullColor is a new and most modern technology today. If the normal camera so far, when there is no light, it can only be black and white images. Today, with full color camera technology at night, the camera can provide 24-hour color images. Full color night camera is also chosen by many factories to apply.

6. Choose a production brand

Currently on the market there are many brands of cameras, not all brands are of the same quality. And those who are not in the surveillance camera industry, it is very difficult to choose a good brand. With more than 10 years of experience in construction and installation of factory cameras, we highly appreciate the following companies: Hikvision, dahua, kbvision, …

7. Select storage time and storage device

Data retention time is very important for camera systems. Normally, factory cameras can store data for at least 15 to 90 days. Then how to know the storage time of the camera?

For example:

– 2MP camera saves 12-18GB/day depending on the number of frames per second (fps).

– 3MP camera saves 18-26GB/day depending on the number of frames per second (fps).

– 4MP camera saves 23-35GB/day depending on the number of frames per second (fps).

– 5MP camera can save 26-39GB/day depending on the number of frames per second (fps).

The 8MP camera can save 46-69GB/day depending on the number of frames per second (fps).

=> We will rely on the desired storage time and the number of cameras installed to calculate the required capacity.

A storage hard drive (HDD) is a device used to store the captured camera images. Should choose a quality product line to ensure that information is well protected, avoiding the case of damage causing loss of important data.

Select storage time and storage device
Select storage time and storage device

8. Camera signal cable

The camera signal cable is quite important for the construction and installation of factory cameras. Unlike the construction of home camera systems, the camera system for factories uses 3-phase electricity. If using poor quality lines, interference will appear, camera images are rippled, flashing, etc.

Which type of  camera signal is good?

There are two widely used types: copper wire and aluminum alloy wire. Depending on the distance from the camera to the image storage center, we choose the right type of wire.

For analog cameras, it is recommended to choose SINO or TEASUNG coaxial cables (95% pure copper, containing anti-interference oil).

For IP cameras, you should choose ENSOHO CAT 6 FTP cable (made of alloy), VCOM CAT 5 (composed of 95% copper) VCOM CAT5 FTP is an anti-interference copper cable.

D. The detailed process of constructing and installing cameras for the factory

1. Construction and installation steps of cameras for factories

Discuss the needs and purposes of applying surveillance camera systems.

Consulting helps customers minimize construction costs and understand the function of the camera system.

Detailed quotation according to the solution chosen by the customer.

Agreement between the two parties and signing the contract.

Schedule and conduct construction and installation of surveillance camera systems for factories.

Guide customers to use and install the observation application on computers and phones.

Conduct acceptance test and hand over the built system.

Payment of construction costs.

2. Consulting after installation

Is the camera image clear? Are there streaks or noise?

Does the night camera see far and clearly?

Is viewing the camera over the network stable, continuous or not?

Is it possible to review the full archived images?

Is the camera system working well in 24/24 stable?

These are customer care questions after our system is handed over to customers.

3. Responsibilities after installing cameras at the factory

When the camera has technical problems, it will have to be fixed within 24-36 hours

There is a contract to commit to technical support for 12 to 24 months.

If the camera is damaged, it will be exchanged for free in the first month.

E. The unit specializing in the construction and installation of the current factory camera

Vu Tien confidently has more than 12 years of experience in the light electrical security industry. Highly qualified technical team, has a solid experience to advise you the best best solution.



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