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Guide to choosing outdoor security cameras

Guide to choosing outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security camera is a surveillance camera device that is specifically designed to withstand the effects of the external environment such as: heat, rain, humidity and sometimes even lightning strikes, etc. Outdoor monitoring is IP 66 or higher waterproof standard. Usually made of metal shell to help withstand heat and impact better, in addition, some cameras also design a protrusion to ensure the image quality of the lens when it rains.

There are design type of outdoor wired camera and wireless outdoor camera (Wifi Camera)

A. Wired outdoor security camera

The first and undeniable benefit of a wired outdoor security camera is its high stability – this is why it is the first choice of businesses, factories, ..

Because the outdoor camera is wired directly to the network, the image quality when transmitted is always faster and clearer. Therefore, it is more reliable than using wifi cameras.

1. Types of wired outdoor surveillance cameras

Currently, the market usually has 2 types of wired outdoor surveillance cameras, which are Analog outdoor surveillance cameras and IP outdoor surveillance cameras.

However, both types above are connected to the recorder with other indoor cameras (if any) to store data centrally on a dedicated hard drive for the camera installed inside the recorder.

All wired cameras must be wired to the video recorder (Video Recorder).

2. Will we choose IP Camera or Analog Camera?

IP Camera: High definition, quality image and true color. The image through the camera is well processed, reducing the bandwidth of the transmission line

Some audio integration codes help IP Cameras have more advantages than Analog Cameras.

Analog camera: The image is relatively sharp, the price is cheaper, suitable for the middle and low income segment.

3. Wireless Outdoor Security Camera (WIFI Camera)

Wireless outdoor security camera is a line of wifi cameras designed to withstand weather, IP 65 or higher, with good transceiver frequency, wireless connection.

Wireless outdoor surveillance cameras usually have a cylindrical body, high-end metal or high-end housing, with 1 or 2 additional antennas behind the camera to connect signals, transceivers to the internet.

In addition, wifi outdoor surveillance cameras are often integrated with an additional memory card slot to store image data, for situations where users need to extract or review data.

B. Which outdoor wifi camera is good? The priorities in choosing

1. Which outdoor camera is good?

Choosing an outdoor wifi camera you need to learn carefully because usually outdoor wifi surveillance cameras are not considered the optimal type because wifi waves are dependent on the environment. You can rely on some of the following criteria to choose the type of outdoor wifi camera installed for your family. Note that outdoor wifi cameras should only be installed 1-3 pieces to ensure that the wifi camera system works stably and sustainably.


2 . Priorities in selection

About the camera: Choose a camera with Full HD resolution or higher to best observe outdoor activities, need to make sure the antenna has good and stable reception (should test the signal for each distance). ).

About wifi network: make sure the wifi kit broadcasts to the camera with enough 5 waves (it is recommended to use the phone to test wifi signal, ensure full wave).

Regarding IP standards: choose only IP67 or IP66 standards.

About construction: should be installed under the eaves, under the seno, under the corrugated iron roof to limit direct sunlight. The power cord should be in the conduit and have a power protection box, protect the jack to avoid moisture, fire and explosion.

About the type of memory card: it is recommended to use a dedicated memory card for the camera with high speed and a capacity of 64GB or more (this type is quite expensive but less prone to fire and explosion, ensuring the safety of the data inside).

About outdoor wifi camera resolution:

The line of wifi cameras recording at 720p is also sharp, but it is better to install it with 1080P resolution. It gives detailed images and does not take up too much space to store.

As for cameras with ultra-sharp 4MP, 4K (8MP) are not difficult to buy, but will require a strong Wifi system and large storage capacity (this will increase the cost).

3. About the outdoor wifi camera range

No matter how much resolution your wifi camera has, it is best to choose an outdoor wifi camera model with a relatively wide viewing angle. Surveillance wifi cameras must have a range of at least 10m.

To ensure security both day and night, you should choose cameras that can record clear images at night. Most current Wifi Cameras are equipped with IR LEDs (smart infrared technology) to view black and white images at night. To increase the security of your family, the camera must work around the clock, so you need to choose an outdoor wifi camera that can record clearly at night.

4. About motion detection

Not only ensure good recording, but outdoor wifi camera also supports to increase the family’s defense with many smart features.

The outdoor camera with this feature will detect motion, then activate the camera to record video and send an alert message to the phone and email.

5. Need to choose a wide-angle outdoor camera

Equipped with modern and advanced features, manufacturers have paid great attention to the observation capabilities of today’s wide-angle camera models. If you want to observe the entire area such as the entire workshop, garden, etc., you should choose a surveillance camera model with a large aperture of about 4mm – 61 degrees, 6mm – 61 degrees 12.

Besides, you can choose cameras with lenses with integrated pan / tilt feature (horizontal, vertical) or can add a tripod for the camera to be able to change and get the right image.

6. Regarding the capability of storing surveillance video of outdoor wifi cameras

There are quite a few wifi camera models that offer free cloud storage for a limited number of days (usually 7 days) after which it will be overwritten by another surveillance video or deleted. In case you want to store videos longer so as not to lose important videos, you must subscribe to the 30-day plan.

Many users are worried about privacy and do not want to save on cloud technology, do not worry, the outdoor wifi camera also supports a memory card slot to store surveillance video (capacity can be up to 256GB).


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